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Welcome to My Trade List

The following few pages contain my AC/DC bootleg collection. If you have any questions or would like to set up a trade, please feel free to contact me. I'm always looking to pick up new shows or upgrades on shows that I already have, so don't hesitate to write!

Please note that none of my shows are for sale. I rarely offer blanks & postage trades as well, so I am mostly looking to make trades.

Bootleg Information
Band: AC/DC  
Date: Jun 12, 1976
Title: Current-Peak
Complete: N/A
Audio/Video: Audio
Format: mp3
Quality: Good
Length: N/A
Number of Songs: N/A
Number of Discs: N/A URL:
Track List:
1) Live Wire
2) She’s Got Balls
3) It’s a Long Way to the Top
4) Can I Sit Next to You Girl
5) The Jack
6) High Voltage
7) TNT
8) Baby Please Don’t Go
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