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AC/DC Bootleg -- Jul 6, 2001 -- ,

Bootleg Information
Band: AC/DC  
Date: Jul 6, 2001
Location: Fussballstadion St. Jakob, Basel, Switzerland
Complete: Incomplete
Audio/Video: Video
Format: dvd
Quality: Good
Length: 60 mins
Number of Songs: 10
Number of Discs: 1
Track List:
1) Stiff Upper Lip
2) Problem Child
3) Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
4) What Do You Do for Money Honey
5) Bad Boy Boogie
6) Hells Bells
7) Up to My Neck in You
8) Back in Black
9) TNT
10) For Those About to Rock
Left of runway for the first 3 songs. Right of the runway for the remainder. Both are just above the venue floor.
Video and video are very good, very clear.
Looks very stormy about halfway through the show. Filmer looks up at the sky to reveal dark clouds. The large "A" hats are flopping around from the wind.
Starts raining during TNT, adds a very cool element to the show. Lasts through the rest of the video.
Special effects applied near the end of TNT, mostly color inversions.
Available with or without menus/chapters.

3.93 GB w/ menus
3.95 GB w/o menus
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