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AC/DC Bootleg -- 1991 -- ,

Bootleg Information
Band: AC/DC  
Date: 1991
Location: Various
Title: New Zealand TV Reports
Complete: Complete
Audio/Video: Video
Format: dvd
Quality: Good
Length: 50 mins
Number of Songs: 14
Number of Discs: 1
Track List:
1) Angus interview and TV report
2) TV report
3) Angus interview and TV report
4) Haircut clip
5) TV Report
6) TV Report
7) Thunderstruck (incomplete)
8) TV Report
9) TV Report
10) TV Report
11) TV Report
12) TV Report
13) TV Report
14) Biography
Proshot, interview complimation DVD.
Video is good, audio is good.

Track 1: Interview and TV report with Angus about the Wellington show and the setup having a few problems.
Track 2: TV report from a different channel about the stage setup problems.
Track 3: Brief history of the band and an outdoor interview.
Track 4: Brief clip of a guy getting 'AC/DC' shaved into the back of his head. Are You Ready played throughout, clips of the music video included.
Track 5: Report about the Wellington stage setup problems. Interviews with concert promoter and some fans.
Track 6: Report about the Wellington concert. Some fan was stabbed at the show, according to the news channel.
Track 7: Proshot clip from the Wellington show, incompete though.
Track 8: Report about the damage done near Athletic Park during/after the Wellington show.
Track 9: Report about crime during the Wellington show and damage done near the venue. More footage of Thunderstruck shown.
Track 10: Report about the Wellington /Auckland show and security.
Track 11: Report about arrests and damage near the Wellington concert.
Track 12: Report about arrests during the Wellington/Auckland show.
Track 13: Report about arrests during the Wellington/Auckland show. More clips of Thunderstruck.
Track 14: Someone laying on the ground speaking in a foriegn language, biography about the band I assume. Angus interview.

2.45 GB.
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