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Welcome to My Trade List

The following few pages contain my AC/DC bootleg collection. If you have any questions or would like to set up a trade, please feel free to contact me. I'm always looking to pick up new shows or upgrades on shows that I already have, so don't hesitate to write!

Please note that none of my shows are for sale. I rarely offer blanks & postage trades as well, so I am mostly looking to make trades.

Trading Rules
- be courteous. I hate pushy, obnoxious people.
- please write me about a trade before requesting one.
- even trades only are preferred, but i'm willing to work a deal if needed.
- please be honest. i won't deal with a liar.
- please tell what format each show is in.
- please send all packages in a timely fashion.
- if you ask me not to trade something I receive from you, expect me to ask the same of you from the same trade.
- if you fail to come through on a trade, your screen name, email address, full name and mailing address will be posted on a bad traders list on

I only have a few items that are labeled 'NOT FOR TRADE'. Please respect this request and do not ask for them. They are only labeled this way at the request of the trader I received them from, and the only way I received them was by promising not to re-trade them. Thank you for understanding.
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