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Band: AC/DC
Date:1974 - 1980
Title: Bonzo (The Bon Scott Rarities)
Complete: Y
Audio/Video: Audio
Format: flac
Quality: Excellent
Length: 145 mins
Number of Songs: 31
Number of Discs: 2

Track List:

Disc 1
1) Carry Me Home
2) Cold Hearted Man
3) Fling Thing
4) Crabsody in Blue
5) Dirty Eyes
6) Welfare Boogie
7) Touch Too Much
8) Back Seat Confidential
9) Get it Hot
10) Baby Please Don't Go
11) Stick Around
12) Soul Stripper
13) High Voltage (Jam Version)
14) School Days
15) The Jack (Live, Ghonnorea Intro)

Disc 2
1) You Ain't Got a Hold on Me
2) Love Song
3) Show Business
4) Rock in Peace
5) Jailbreak
6) Highway to Hell (DJ Remix)
7) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Australian Mix)
8) Ain't No Fun Waiting Round to be a Millionaire (Australian Mix)
9) Squealer (Australian Mix)
10) Rocker (Australian Mix)
11) Down Payment Blues (UK Mix)
12) Gone Shootin (UK Mix)
13) Up to My Neck in You (UK Mix)
14) What's Next to the Moon (UK Mix)
15) Kicked in the Teeth (UK Mix)
16) Ride On (Bon w/ Trust)

This consists mostly of Bon Scott songs from the Australian releases, the demos from Bonfire, the UK versions of the Powerage songs and Bon's last recording with Trust.
Welfare Boogie is a song from Bon's time with Fraternity.
The 'DJ Remix' of Highway to Hell isn't very good other than when they let the album version play.